Sally Fitzgerald

Sally's jewelry reflects her air of distinction and style. Some of her pieces have achieved international exposure and acclaim.  The beads and semi-precious stones are sourced internationally during her travels and she hand picks them based on vibration, quality, appearance and appeal to her spirit.

Heather Grace

To Heather, the creative aspect of making jewelry is as important as the social aspect of our gatherings.   Nothing is more inspiring than a room full of creative, artistic minds.    When women come together with a united intention, magic happens and this magic is in every piece that she creates.

Johanne Woods

Johanne is always ready for the next adventure... Our trips to the Bead Expo, Gem Show and   Creativity Festival are among some of her favourites.  She is forever on the look out for that special unique something that will turn her creation into a showpiece.

Winsome Green

Winsome loves to work with her hands.  She will often bring her knitting, crocheting and sewing to the bead table but nothing outshines her  unique, one of a kind jewelry creations. From design to completion, Winsome's passion is always inspiring her into new territories of wearable art.

Esme Sachs

She paints.  She knits.  She sews. She leaves the jewelry to the rest of us. Esme is our resident artist and her contributions to our group are a breath of fresh air.