Coral Gables Necklace


Seeing red?  Stunning large red coral beads strung with flashy metal accents.  This necklace makes a statement of confidence and style.  Finished with a toggle clasp, it measures 20 inches.

Healing Properties

Sponge Coral in addition to its generic healing, is an influential sentinel of spiritual wellness. By bringing peace to the mind, it plays as a facilitator for accessing likewise understanding ancient knowledge. Thought to represent concurrence, it too facilitates intuition, strong point, imagination which in turn it Coral expedites the transfer of knowledge. It is known to strengthen the circulatory system and the bones of the torso, it fills up the body process of tissue regeneration along with the blood cell nourishment. As well known to treat disorders related to canals (spinal, alimentary), it furthermore deals with nervous system issues. Each color is predisposed to its unique eminence purifies the spirit and help the wearing individual overcome his emotional depleted issues.

  • Physical Healer

An excellent stone to aid physical health and balance body liveliness, it heightens up the desire for food of the wearing individual. It is traditionally thought that coral indicates the bad health of the wearer by changing its gloss. It is effectual in shielding the wearer against weakness and menstrual cramps; it facilitates to take relief from anemia, headache, fever, cough, allergies along with combat injuries. It too cures serious illness individual is suffering from like jaundice, smallpox or chickenpox and pneumonia. With the healing energy gained from nature, Sponge Coral treats bone, lungs and blood related issues like piles, blood diseases, enteric fever, bone cancer, blood cancer, gouts, rickets, diabetes, paralysis, bronchitis and more. On scientific grounds, some experts to recommend a therapy related to Sponge Coral as best known to improve the eyesight and healing stomach cancers. With the superiority, it tunes well with the life force and stimulate the metabolism, which on another hand provokes good supply of blood to the organs and tissues. By influencing the reproductive organs, it augments fertility, overcome frigidity as well as impotence. It is also beneficial for minerals, nutrition and vitamin absorption, which improves the overall purpose of the physical structure. As an excellent detoxifier, it checks the bad habits furthermore regulates the heart pulse.

  • Emotional Healer

Sponge Coral’s high vigor helps restore lost energy and motivation and stimulates creativity for new interests. It takes in an arena within, which when wearer carrier it along surrounds him too, and egg with a love of animation. By casting off its carrier to trust himself, it likewise serves to overwhelm any sort of abuse person goes through. Known to alleviate jealousy and possessiveness in relations, and is cooperative in overcoming sexual apprehensions generally with the male mid-life crisis. It helps its holder to make the peaceful heart of his emotions rather than be governed by them. With an impartial observation, it helps get rid of the need to be overly dramatic or to succumb to a martyred mindset. It has a propensity to act fast and eliminate the chronic depression in addition to the lack of initiative. It too acts as an underpinning gemstone for parents pugnacious in taking responsibility.

  • Spiritual Healer

Expert aid for meditation, it restores harmony to the substance and prevent ill fortune. Sponge Coral is believed to bring in life the color of love and help to remind its wearer of his eternal foundation. Traditionally, being recognized as a shelter from the vicious eye, it cures unfruitfulness and replenish fruitful path of spirit. It's  roots as anchored in the earth as keep its wearers grounded. It motivates its wearer to accept the cycle of the animation as it is without any grudges and promotes positive life options.

Sponge Coral encourages an awareness of the link between the emotional state and the inner condition of the ego. It encourages a spiritual energy conducive to awakening one's talents and perceptions of the environment, and for extending love in return for love. The ancient believed it may be applied, with advanced training, to see into the past. It takes the stories and records of the planet and reflects, its light energy back in the vividness of our physical universe. It provokes a deeper passion and admiration for the beauty and gifts of the globe.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

The beautiful shades of its varied colors stimulate different energy chakra of the body. When its Orange energy resonate within it tends to activate Root and Spleen Chakra (Sacral Chakra). This chakra infuses energy, passion and fertility in the wearer and controls the flow of data to and fro from the torso to the brain. The so-called good feelings of the wearer are further increased only if this chakra is activated. The Red shades of sponge coral are predisposed to trigger on the root chakra, which as a powerful ally to help in recovering vital self and opens up the wearer’s purpose on Earth. By controlling kinesthetic feeling, it puts the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the physical structure.

The blue hues of Sponge Coral will powerfully turn on The Third Eye chakra along with throat chakra, which enhance psychic awareness and capabilities of the user. Further, it improves communication by providing witness and the quick humor. On the other hand, Third Eye chakra balances the views as well internal communications which are vibrant and healthy. It too instills astuteness for better judgment in the holder of this gem. Black color too boots up the Sacral Chakra which controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the physical structure. Makes the carrier flexible with a good spirit and restore the sense of balance for an appreciation of life. Black is a semblance of creativity moreover, it repels lower energies. The soothing color white of this gem is related to the Higher Crown to enlighten spiritualism, as well as embodied true modesty. Crown chakra known for its soul connection ability connects the wearer to a celestial access. Sponge Coral is also with good grace is obtainable in pink colors too. The pink color is predisposed to activate the Heart Chakra which increases sensitivity and caring, compassionate attitude.